Meet WARP NB-IoT alumni


A new way of communicating with “things” is on. Narrowband IoT is about managing small amounts of data, over long periods, in hard-to-reach places. It can connect many more devices to the Internet of Things and make many new applications a reality.

The WARP NB-IoT Program by hub:raum Kraków and Deutsche Telekom provides an industry ecosystem which enables startups, B2B partners and customers to develop NB-IoT applications and solutions at an early stage.

The program gives a great opportunity to join the Deutsche Telekom fast-track NB-IoT network roll-out in 8 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Netherlands.


The program aims at accelerating European IoT startups and growing companies with products or working prototypes across different industries.

SMART CITIES (street lighting, parking, waste management, metering);
SMART TRACKING (assets, people, pets, bicycles);
SMART INDUSTRIES (agriculture, construction equipment, industrial machinery);

Those are just examples. Startups suprised us with a multitude of possible NB-IoT uses in other areas.


  • Access to cutting-edge technology in our NB-IoT Prototyping Lab plus technical support.

  • An opportunity to implement your NB-IoT solution for DT customers in selected countries.

  • Expert support and business know-how essential to take your project to the next level.

  • No equity required for participation.

  • Potential investment from hub:raum of up to 300.000 Euro, as well as financial support for the Pilot Project.

Program Team & DT experts

Jakub Probola

Head of hub:raum
and Managing Director
DT hub:raum Fund

Axel Menneking

Head of hub:raum Berlin
and Managing Director
DT hub:raum Fund

Lukasz Ciesla

Operations / Program Manager
hub:raum for CEE

Roman Duzhyk

IoT Driver @ hub:raum

Wojciech Pawlak

Innovation & Development
Chief Specialist
@ T-Mobile Polska

Miodrag Bukvić

‎Innovation & Business
Development Manager
@ hub:raum

Izabela Świdzińska

‎Innovation Specialist
@ T-Mobile/p>

Rafał Pajączek

‎Communication Specialist
@ hub:raum

Konrad Sowa

Programs and Scouting Support
@ hub:raum

Laurita Mross

Marketing Communications
Expert Smart Cities
@ Deutsche Telekom

Angus Emery

Global M2M & IoT Presales
Programme Manager
@ Deutsche Telekom

Detlef Lehmann

Program Manager Strategy
B2B Projects
@ Deutsche Telekom

Pauline Ryba

Expert Project Management M2M / NB-IoT
@ Deutsche Telekom

Giuseppe Rindone

Senior Manager Presales
M2M & IoT
@ Deutsche Telekom

Ulf Moorfeld

Expert International Sales
Development M2M
@ Deutsche Telekom

Martin Vesely

Senior IoT & Smart City
EU Partner Manager
@ Deutsche Telekom

Stephan Imre

Business Development
Manager IoT
@ T-Mobile Austria

Amin Larimian

Commercial Management M2M
@ Telekom Deutschland

Josip Kastelan

ICT Product Development
Senior Group Leader
@ Hrvatski Telekom

Igor Cerinski

Senior Project Manager
@ Hrvatski Telekom

Rafal Wroblewski

Business Development Manager
@ T-Mobile Polska

Krzysztof Dąbkowski

Business Solutions Manager
@ T-Mobile Polska

Jarosław Marski

Chief Terminal Technology
Development Specialist
@ T-Mobile Polska

Arnold Wierzejski

M2M Chief Specialist
@ T-Mobile Polska

Matej Duris

New Business Development Product Specialist
@ Slovak Telekom

Daniel Michel

VP International Business
Development - Smart City
@ T-Systems

Andreas Bentz

Senior Consultant for Utilities
and Smart Energy
@ T-Systems

Nghia Le

Pre Sales @ T-Systems Netherlands

Miroslav Antol

Head of B2B IoT
@ Slovak Telekom

Nikos Laspakis

B2B Business Development
Manager at OTE

Konstantinos Eleftherianos

Business Development Manager
in the Enterprise & Business
Services Division