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Nokia T-mobile hub:raum

WARP Future Communication – a program organized jointly by Nokia and hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom. The aim is to develop communication services for our customers all around Europe to make their lives easier and simpler.

The program provides a mixture of all the tools and resources startups need to develop, scale and commercialize their service, including both technical and business support.

The program will give startups a bunch of possibilities including an individual development plan basing on their needs and stage they’re in.

You need some more inspiration, just check out our latest invention :-)


high recognition and global reach from day 1, as well as impact on the lives of millions of customers in one shot, startups are supported by two strong industry brands – Nokia and Deutsche Telekom.

experts’ guidance from Nokia and Deutsche Telekom, who support technical and also business related topics irrespective of experiences in the telco industry.

a unique corporate-acceleration work with us at eye level as we promise a fair, transparent and individual business model.

unmatched quality and user experience using Call Management APIs on live telco network – for the first time in the industry.

Use cases of the Nokia technical platform

Program pitch

More information about the program, its vision and the technical possibilities - check out the recorded program pitch.

Call Management APIs

Nokia Call Management APIs give developers ready-access to IP-communications features built into carriers’ mobile, fixed and cable networks. They accelerate the creation of enticing, high-performance services for consumers, enterprises and vertical markets. As a developer you have an access to many call related events available for external applications. They trigger different actions depending on the use case and actual scenario. If you need more information, press the button below:

Call Management API

Use cases

Here come simple examples of ideas which might resound well with peoples’ every day needs:

Adding user to a call when the doctor calls his elder family member e.g. grandma => after she answers, user is also joining a call to help her later on with an understanding of treatment options

Blocking calls to a child during school time and play a message to the caller

Managing user’s availability and call handling options depending on mashed up connected car data

Starting and managing a Conference call with additional person depending on who is originally calling => e.g. adding parent on top when the child is called by an unknown number

What we looked for?

Startups with business ideas, which innovates or better revolutionizes the way people communicate with each other in the following fields:

speech recognition

parental control

artificial intelligence (AI)

voice based messaging

digital life

generally enriched voice and video communication experience


I would love to see new applications coming to life out of our cooperation that will allow DT to keep its market leading profile supported by Nokia.


Dejan Novakovic

Dejan Novakovic on Linked In

Head of Mobile Networks
Digital Accelerator, Nokia

Dejan Novakovic, Head of Mobile Networks Digital Accelerator, Nokia. He has more than 20 years of management, business development, strategy, M&A, partnering and sales experience in communications and high-tech industry. In his current role, Dejan leads the Digital Innovation Accelerator team supporting Nokia Mobile Networks internal start-ups and is responsible for the customer centric internal start-up like execution model. He acts as Venture Capitalist and driver of internal entrepreneurship.

Gabriela Janikova

Gabriela Janikova on Linked In

Senior Expert at Product Marketing Europe,

Gabriela Janikova, Senior Expert at Product Marketing Europe, DTAG Bonn. In DT Product Marketing Europe organization Gabriela is responsible for commercial aspects and go-to-market strategies of products in connectivity area for the EU footprint. She also had responsibility for leading product development and wholesale teams in Slovak Telekom organization and as ICF certified coach she supported teams going through different organizational changes and challenges.

Natasa Petkova

Natasa Petkova on Linked In

Specialist for Business Marketing Communication
@ Makedonski Telekom AD

Natasha Petkova, Specialist for Business Marketing Communication at Makedonski Telekom AD. Natasha is occupied with technology, marketing and startups. Even though she works for the biggest national corporation, she is a great supporter of the local startup community in Macedonia. She have been working with startups since 2009, organizing competitions, trainings and events for web and mobile entrepreneurs, as well as co-founded a tech startup working with web design & development, digital marketing and tech/ startup related events. She has been a Startup Weekend Organizer since 2011, as well as supported over 40 startups through her engagement in the first business incubator and business accelerator in the country.

Josef Trcka

Josef Trcka on Linked In

Technology Service Architect
T-Mobile Czech Republic

Josef Trcka, Technology Service Architect T-Mobile Czech Republic. Josef leads the voice and messaging cluster from architecture point of view in Deutsche Telekom transformation program building centralized service organization for ten European Deutsche Telekom countries. He provided the technology strategy of T-Mobile Czech Republic and the architecture of value added services in the past. Josef holds a master in computer science.

Nina Mimica

Nina Mimica on Linked In

Product Strategy and Marketing Consultant for Europe,
Core Communication Community,
Product Marketing Expert Hrvatski Telekom

Nina Mimica, Product Strategy and Marketing Consultant for Europe, Core Communication Community, Product Marketing Expert Hrvatski Telekom. Nina obtained expertise in marketing communications, advertising, project management, product management, product development - in smaller start-up environments as well as multinational corporations. Nina holds Master of Business Administration in International Business. In her spare time she volunteers in two NGO management boards and mentors college students. For educational and professional purposes, she lived at 8 world locations so far.

Gero Offer

Gero Offer on Linked In

Head of Business Excellence & Business Operations, Nokia

Gero Offer, Head of Business Excellence & Business Operations, Nokia. In Nokia’s sales organization Gero is heading strategy and sales operation for the international key account Deutsche Telekom. In previous roles he took the responsibility for business development and sales addressing international customers of the telecommunication and financial industry across Europe and Asia. Gero holds a master in electronic engineering and in business administration.

Zenon Sliwka

Zenon Sliwka on Linked In

"PanIP Operational Lead for Voice & Real-Time Communication Cluster
T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s."

Zenon Sliwka, PanIP Operational Lead for Voice & Real-Time Communication Cluster T-Mobile Czech Republic. Zenon is working for Deutsche Telekom PanIP program & Pan-Net organization leading operationally technology part of Voice & Real-time Communication services in Europe. In previous roles Zenon focused on managing various teams in IT, telecommunication and logistics industry across Europe, Asia-Pacific & Americas regions. Zenon holds master in psychology with focus on innovation, motivation and work-related aspects.

Stefan Hotze

Stefan Hotze on Linked In

Head of Corporate Strategic Planning, Nokia

Stefan Hotze, Head of Corporate Strategic Planning, Nokia. Based in Munich, Germany, Stefan has been a driver of Nokia’s Internet of Things strategy and is actively working on Nokia’s transformation from a telecom equipment provider to a leader in the Programmable World. Before his current assignment, he spent nine years in Nokia China, where as Head of Strategic Programs he was leading various Internet of Things and other transformation projects. Stefan graduated from Oxford University and the Parisian Institut d’Etudes Politiques majoring in applied economics and public affairs.

Michiel Dirven

Michiel Dirven on Linked In

Customer Business Team Head for DT Central, Nokia

Michiel Dirven, Customer Business Team Head for DT Central, Nokia. Michiel is finding new ways of doing things in a world that was historically successful but today at the verge of big changes. In his career he went through a variety of innovation projects of different sizes starting from country wide projects, scaling up to West Europe, Middle East and Africa and at Nokia Head Quarters. Currently Michiel is both heading Nokia’s sales and business development unit for Deutsche Telekom in Central Europe and The Netherlands, as well as member of the Nokia Netherlands B.V. management team.

Hartmut Thomalla

Hartmut Thomalla on Linked In

Head of Sales Core GCBT DT

Hartmut Thomalla, Head of Sales Core GCBT DT. He is currently heading the Nokia sales of Core solutions for Deutsche Telekom. He joined the development department of the IT company Nixdorf in 1988, continued in several marketing, service and sales positions with Siemens and was after the merge with Nokia driving the sales for consulting and systems integration always focusing on voice/data communications. He is holding a master and PhD in Electronic Engineering and a master in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Matej Duris

Matej Duris on Linked In

New Business Development Product Specialist
@ Slovak Telekom

Matej Duris, New Business Development Product Specialist at Slovak Telekom. Matej is working for Slovak Telekom/T-Mobile Czech Republic in a cross-border New Business Development team, where he is responsible for partnerships and searching for the innovative ideas and startups that could help Slovak Telekom and T-Mobile to bring new exciting products and services to the Slovak and also Czech market. Previously, Matej helped to develop new products internally and has also financial background.

Ivan Krevatin

Ivan Krevatin on Linked In

Senior Group Leader for fixed and mobile voice Service platforms
@ Hrvatski Telekom

Ivan Krevatin is a senior group leader and project manager in Hrvatski Telekom (HT). He is leading DevOps teams for fixed and mobile voice Service platforms (IN prepaid, postpaid, Business hosted PBX and voice VAS services). He leads the introduction of VoLTE and VoWiFi services in HT network. In previous roles he worked as telecommunication network expert and software engineer. He holds a master degree in computer science.

Thorsten Weidmann

Thorsten Weidmann on Linked In

Head of Voice, International Delivery Unit

Thorsten Weidmann is head of product management voice in the technology and innovation area of Deutsche Telekom AG. He brings in over 25 years of experience in the IT- and telecommunications industry. Thorsten and his team are driving voice telephony as an attractive telco communication service for the future. The main actual challenges are the all IP migration programs in Germany and other European countries for mobile and fixed line voice. He works both in agile environments like app- and web development and in classic carrier projects like IMS and fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Thorsten has a broad experience in product management in b-to-c and b-to-b segments. He is passionate about new techno trends like speech pattern recognition and AR/VR and tries to adopt them for better communication products.

Heinz Zallmann

Heinz Zallmann on Linked In

Head of E2E Solutions Global Customer Business Team DT, Nokia

Heinz Zallmann, the Head of E2E Solutions in the Deutsche Telekom Account Team of Nokia. Prior to this assignment Heinz was the Regional Sales Leader for Eastern European Alcatel-Lucent. He began his career with Digital Equipment Corp, and since then has had various responsibilities throughout his career in the telecommunication industry. He led the Product Management team of the Optical Networking Division and had global responsibility for the Next Generation Converged Networks portfolio of Lucent Technologies. From 2009 to beginning of 2012 he was responsible for Strategy, Solutions and Marketing for the Vodafone account.

Selma Avdagic-Tisljar

Selma Avdagic-Tisljar on Linked In

Executive Manager Product Marketing Europe – Core Communication Deutsche Telekom

Selma Avdagic-Tisljar, Executive Manager Product Marketing Europe – Core Communication Deutsche Telekom. In DT Selma is leading EU Core Communication Product Team since February 2016. Before joining DT, she was Director of Product Marketing in Hrvatski Telekom. Beside extensive experience in marketing and consulting, she is passionate about commercial tangible aspects of innovations. Selma holds Master of Science in Service Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

Ana Pauzar / Lara Rašin

Ana Pauzar / Lara Rašin on Linked In

Head of Product Enablers and New Business Hrvatski Telekom, Core Communication Community / Product Development Expert Hrvatski Telekom, Core Communication Community

Ana Pauzar, Head of the Product Enablers & New Business Section in Hrvatski Telekom. Ana led multiple international projects, managing over 50 team members in 13 countries in the area of product development and technology innovation. For almost a year now she has been leading a section which is focused on new business topics, as well as product development. Her team is responsible for the development of the products in the area of Core Communication for the EU footprint in DT Group. She is dedicated to bringing innovation and improving digital experience in the Telco world through cooperation with the academic and start up scene.

Zsuzsanna Volford

Zsuzsanna Volford on Linked In

Business Development Expert

Zsuzsanna Volford, Business Development Expert.Zsuzsanna has gained sound 15+ years senior expert experience in multinational environment in the telco and related businesses at large MNC-s. She has spent last 4 years with identifying innovative potentialities and bringing them to fruition in order to best benefit the overall goals of the company.
She is an independent and self-directed but able to work and lead a team of creative individuals. Strong business knowledge, understanding of a variety of business practices and new product building methodologies

Holger Debelts

Holger Debelts on Linked In

Product Manager Communication Products, DTAG Bonn

Holger Debelts, Product Manager Communication Products, DTAG Bonn. Holger has started his professional career after studying applied physics at University of Cologne as an IT specialist ending up as CTO of a 50+ people software company. After a role in product management of a large German telco company he joined Deutsche Telekom in 1999. Holger has a profound background in commercial and product marketing, product and terminal management, IP and telco network technology – delivering products within EU footprint of Deutsche Telekom.

Irena Vogli

Irena Vogli on Linked In

Senior Expert, Strategy Department at Telekom Albania

Irena Vogli is Strategy Senior Expert at Telekom Albania. She prepares strategic analysis and planning by aligning DT Strategy Guidance with local Initiatives. Also, she adapts and introduces Innovation (Hub:raum) trends to local market. She has ability and willingness to find new opportunities , and aims to quickly adapt to the changes.

Alba Hoxha

Alba Hoxha on Linked In

New Business Development Senior Specialist at Telekom Albania

Alba is Business Development Senior Specialist at Telekom Albania. She analyzes and identifies new ideas for further development and explore new opportunities. Also she propose potential partnership with local/international companies and follow up until implementation. She always aims to bring good vibes at work and is always enthusiastic to learn and find new opportunities.

Joachim Stegman

 on Linked In

Leader Future Communication, Technology & Innovation - Deutsche Telekom AG,

Joachim Stegmann has worked in the area of voice technology and related applications for almost 20 years. He is now head of ‘Future Communication’ at Deutsche Telekom AG, Technology & Innovation, where he is responsible for innovation development for new AI based services of Deutsche Telekom. Joachim holds a Dr.-Ing. degree in information technology from Aachen University of Technology, Germany.

Iwona Jagodzinska-Mazur

Iwona Jagodzinska-Mazur on Linked In

Business Consultant Applications and Analytics Global Services Center

Iwona Jagodzinska-Mazur is a Business Consultant in Applications and Analytics at Nokia. Her prime domain is Customer Experience Management. Over her 20 years in Telco industry she took various roles in Product Management, Sales, Business Development and Consulting working for European operators, including major groups. WARP Future Communications program will hopefully benefit from Iwona’s experience in leading Innovative projects basing on partnering and close co-operation with R&D. Iwona has a master degree in Electronic Engineering and Postgraduate Diploma in Administration in Business

Nikolaus Egyed

Nikolaus Egyed on Linked In

Strategy Development Manager
@ T-Mobile Austria

Nikolaus Egyed Strategy Development Manager, T-Mobile Austria (TMA). Nikolaus is leading and consulting strategic projects and enhancing TMA’s corporate strategy. Currently he is driving TMA’s innovation strategy with a clear focus on leveraging the innovation power of startups and collaborating closely with hub:raum. Besides having studied International Business Administration in Vienna, Nikolaus holds an MBA from the SDA Bocconi in Milan. He obtained profound expertise in Strategy, Marketing and Financial Advisory during past experiences at KPMG, Tata Consultancy Services and T-Mobile Austria

Michael Merkl

Michael Merkl on Linked In

Corporate Strategy Manager

Michael Merkl is the Blockchain and start-up expert in the Nokia Corporate Strategy team, based in Munich. Prior joining Nokia he led the product and operations team in a big-data and web application startup and he gained profound business expertise while working for a leading global consulting company. Michael holds a PhD in quantum physics.

Marc Erhardt

Marc Erhardt on Linked In

Customer Business Team Head for DT Global, Nokia

Marc Erhardt, Customer Business Team Head for DT Global, Nokia. In Nokia’s sales organization Marc is heading the sales and business development department for Deutsche Telekom Global. In this role he’s responsible to drive the business transformation into the TelcoCloud and to push innovation partnership. In previous roles he took responsibility for sales leadership in Europe for several customers and countries in various companies.

Joanna Krasucka

Joanna Krasucka on Linked In

Senior Product Manager VAS
in T-Mobile Polska

Joanna works as a Senior Product Manager for Value Added Services team in T-Mobile Poland, she’s responsible for security and entertainment products, she coordinates also many projects which are to increase sales of whole VAS portfolio. Joanna holds a master in business administration and marketing.

Spiros E. Politis

Joanna Krasucka on Linked In

Section Manager
Competition Evaluation & Innovation Section
OTE Group

Spiros is the Manager of Competition Evaluation & Innovation Section of Cosmote S.A. (Greece) and holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, U.K. and a Diploma in Enterprise Information Management from Henley Business School, U.K. He has had extensive TelCo experience, working in the field for the past 15 years, as well as overall IT experience of over 20 years. He enjoys everything new-and-not-so-new-tech and is particularly driven by the power of data, having been fascinated by the wealth of inference that can be achieved through Big Data and Machine Learning technologies. He firmly believes that the next wave is not about facilitation but human augmentation through cyber-physical systems. Most of these augmented capabilities will come about through the novel exploitation of data.
Partners & Program team

Nokia is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world.

hub:raum is a start-up incubator backed by Deutsche Telekom Group.

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.

Frank Ostrowski

Frank Ostrowski on Linked In

Global Account Manager

Malgorzata Blasiak

Malgorzata Blasiak on Linked In

Lead Account Manager
Customer Team DT PL

Piotr Gettlich

Piotr Gettlich on Linked In

End-to-End Technology Consultant
for Deutsche Telekom Group

Harry Kaib

Dejan Novakovic on Linked In

Head of Customer Marketing
for Deutsche Telekom Group

Daniel Bedekovich

Daniel Bedekovich on Linked In

Open API Technology Evangelist

Alican Gultekin

Alican Gultekin on Linked In

Open API Technical Lead

Jakub Probola

Jakub Probola on Linked In

Head of hub:raum Krakow
and Managing Director

Axel Menneking

Axel Menneking on Linked In

Head of hub:raum Berlin
and Managing Director

Lukasz Ciesla

Dejan Novakovic on Linked In

Operations / Program Manager

Agnieszka Hopcias

Agnieszka Hopcias on Linked In

Community Manager

Holger Sbrzesny

Holger Sbrzesny on Linked In

Senior Key Relationship Manager

Oskar Lopalewski

Oskar Lopalewski on Linked In

Junior Investment Manager

Monika Jablonowski

Monika Jablonowski on Linked In

Start up! Trainee

Karolina Malek

Karolina Malek on Linked In

Communication & Branding

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