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What is the program about?
Top 5 reasons to join the program
What is the program about?
Nokia T-mobile hub:raum

WARP Future Communication can bring your communication service to the next level within just a few months, with the support of the strong partners: Nokia and hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom.

WARP Future Communication is a program organized jointly by Nokia and hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom. Our aim is to develop communication services for our customers all around Europe – to make their lives easier and simpler.

The program provides a mixture of all the tools and resources start-ups need to develop, scale and commercialize their service, including both technical and business support.

We call it “the triangle of power” as each of the partners will contribute with their core competencies: Nokia, which offers the technical platform, Deutsche Telekom, which offers the distribution channel and hub:raum which provides the know-how and tools necessary to build, test, scale and commercialise the products.

Top 5 reasons to join the program
  • YOU will receive both, high recognition and global reach from day 1, as well as impact on the lives of millions of customers in one shot, because you will be supported by two strong industry brands - Nokia and Deutsche Telekom.
  • YOU will be guided by experts from Nokia and Deutsche Telekom, who will support you in technical and also business related topics irrespective of your experiences in the telco industry.
  • YOUr idea will run with all devices and OS, no matter what language you use, thanks to our APIs and SDKs.
  • YOU will benefit from a unique corporate-acceleration work with us at eye level as we promise a fair, transparent and individual business model.
  • YOUr applications will have unmatched quality and user experience using Call Management APIs on live telco network - for the first time in the industry.

Save the date: 12th April - technical webinar with our experts. Send us your application until 30th April and take part in our 100% technical webinar session with an open Q&A session on 12th April. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions.

Possible use cases of the Nokia technical platform
Possible use cases of the Nokia technical platform

Program pitch

You want to learn more about the program, its vision and the technical possibilities - check out our recorded program pitch.


Call Management APIs

Nokia Call Management APIs give developers ready-access to IP-communications features built into carriers’ mobile, fixed and cable networks. They accelerate the creation of enticing, high-performance services for consumers, enterprises and vertical markets. As a developer you have an access to many call related events available for external applications. They trigger different actions depending on the use case and actual scenario e.g.:

  • Get notified when the call is busy or properly answered or calling party is not reachable
  • Allow, deny or redirect the calls as you please
  • Play text to speech, audio or video in a call or even allow users to select what they want
  • Set up conference call with another party immediately invited on top
  • … and much more depending on designer creativity

How to make it is easy by following our interactive API documentation with Swagger. Then it is even more smooth with the use our APIs and SDKs in whichever language you feel comfortable with.

If you are not familiar with Nokia TAS platform, you will find some helpful information by pressing the button Call Management API below:

Call Management API

Some examples / Use cases

Here come simple examples of ideas which might resound well with peoples’ every day needs:

  • Adding user to a call when the doctor calls his elder family member e.g. grandma => after she answers, user is also joining a call to help her later on with an understanding of treatment options
  • Blocking calls to a child during school time and play a message to the caller
  • Managing user’s availability and call handling options depending on mashed up connected car data
  • Starting and managing a Conference call with additional person depending on who is originally calling => e.g. adding parent on top when the child is called by an unknown number
What we are looking for
What we are looking for

Cool & funny video

You need some more inspiration, just check out our latest invention :-)

We are looking for start-ups with business ideas, which innovates or better revolutionizes the way people communicate with each other. Possible use cases might be in the following areas:

  • speech recognition,
  • parental control,
  • artificial intelligence (AI),
  • voice based messaging,
  • digital life,
  • generally enriched voice and video communication experience.

Those are just examples! Feel free to be creative and surprise us with your solution, which can change the way we communicate.

It is desired that your service will be able to run in our environment, preferably based on Nokia TAS platform (a Telecom Application Server). Your project is running already on another platform, we will work with you on moving this to our platforms.

So, what are you waiting for... apply now! The deadline for the application is April 30th 2017.


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End of February
Mobile World
Claudia Nemat (Deutsche Telekom’s Board of Innovation) announces the program during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
March & April
We provide you relevant and detailed information about the Telekom Application Server (such as Webinars, white papers…) so you can check whether your solution fits to the program.
Impress us with your solution. Don’t forget to apply. Deadline: 30.04
This is the time for our team of experts to evaluate your ideas. We may contact you directly in case of we require more details.
Beginning of June
Getting started
Final announcement –keep fingers crossed to be accepted. And then: lay back and relax. We organize logistics for you. And don’t worry about the costs.
Mid of June
It’s time to review and evaluate your business during a “personal meeting” in hub:raum Cracow. Yes, you are right: on the meeting our experts decide to go further with only maximum 8 startups (out of up to 12 participating in the meeting).
Beginning of July
It is time to establish a cooperation roadmap with you in Hungary's capital Budapest: technical on boarding, first business deeper sessions, mentors and experts matching.
End November
/ Beginning of
Case by case individual work with Nokia and DT business partners and units, assigned mentors and experts. It’s time for development, first pilots and iterations with customers. Go out of the building and verify your solution on the market. There is no need for you to change your usual workplace.
End of December
Ready to go
on the
Ultimate Goal: Let’s sell your product to the customers and earn some money. IMPORTANT: you have to be extraordinary good to enter this stage!

Nokia is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. Powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, we serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing. A truly global company, we are 160 nationalities working in more than 100 countries.

  • Leverage by the power of Nokia brand – being certified by Nokia is giving you the access to all operators over the world
  • Push the boundaries with your creativity and the very rich API functionalities of the IMS Core Call Management API environment
  • Reach any kind of phone with new innovative and future proof services
  • Work in the newest communication technology environment e.g. IMS Core TAS, MRF, VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, IoT
  • Develop future communication services decoupled from underlying network architecture e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, 5G etc.
  • Simple solution e.g. hiding SIP network's complexity

Want to find out more about Nokia Call Management APIs? Just follow the star:

Call Management API

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies with some 156 million mobile customers in more than 50 countries, 29 million fixed-network lines and more than 18 million broadband lines.

Providing the network in 12 countries in Europe, you will benefit from the strengths of Deutsche Telekom’s network:

  • LTE in all markets (AMC 2015)
  • Testing LTE Advanced
  • Fibre, Vectoring and Hybrid as LTE COVERAGE Network-Booster
  • Europe first IP-Network in Macedonia and DT worldwide first company with Terastream
  • Transformation to pan-european IP-network

In WARP Future Communication, Deutsche Telekom will give you:

  • access to the customers
  • distribution and marketing channels
  • best networks and tech platforms

Hub:raum is a start-up incubator backed by Deutsche Telekom Group. We are focused on supporting innovative businesses from southern and central Europe.

We have 5 years of experience as an accelerator, we organized European-wide programs for start-ups, so far we have successfully organized:

  • 6 WARP programs for start-ups (5xWARP and 1xWARP Sprints)
  • 2x Challenge Up!
  • We have already evaluated more than 3000 applications

We can give you:

  • know-how,
  • tools necessary to build, test, scale and commercialise the products.
Organization team

Frank Ostrowski

Global Account Manager

Malgorzata Blasiak

Lead Account Manager
Customer Team DT PL

Piotr Gettlich

End-to-End Technology Consultant
for Deutsche Telekom Group

Harry Kaib

Head of Customer Marketing
for Deutsche Telekom Group

Daniel Bedekovich

Open API Technology Evangelist

Alican Gultekin

Open API Technical Lead

Jakub Probola

Head of hub:raum Krakow
and Managing Director

Axel Menneking

Head of hub:raum Berlin
and Managing Director

Lukasz Ciesla

Operations / Program Manager

Agnieszka Hopcias

Community Manager

Holger Sbrzesny

Senior Key Relationship Manager

Monika Jablonowski

Start up! Trainee